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Programming and Poetry   
08:52pm 14/11/2009
mood: touched
Yesterday was the TechLEAP graduation luncheon! Everyone agreed that it was better than a proper ceremony, because the speeches were shorter and there was yummy Thai food.

I got two certificates, because apparently I took more courses than most, to the point where I qualified as both Web Developer and Programmer. So that was awesome. Gifts were also had: Grandma gave me $100, and my parents gave me Martin Gardner's new book, When You Were a Tadpole and I Was a Fish, which made me squee because I am a dork. After that, we dropped by the comic book store, so I am now caught up on PS238. It was a productive lunchtime all 'round.

The Gardner book is titled for one of the articles in it, which was about [what little is known about] Langdon Smith, turn-of-the-prior-century journalist and author of (as far as anyone knows) just one incredibly lovely poem, which I shall present herewith because all the other websites have errors. :-P

Evolution, by Langdon SmithCollapse )
06:09pm 04/11/2009
  So, yesterday I was in the mall bookstore, which is right by Hot Topic, which means altogether too high a concentration of Twilight merchandise. And I was thinking antisocial thoughts about using Twilight fandom as a marker for culling the population. And then I realized...

The Twilight vamps' surname is Cullen!

It's been a conspiracy all along!
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07:27pm 19/09/2009
mood: piratical
My glasses frames have broken.

Like last time, they broke waaaay over to the far right of the bridge, so they cannot be taped back together because there's nothing on the right half for the tape to connect to, and only the lens that's still connected to the bridge will stay balanced on my face.

Like last time, to keep myself from getting dizzy with only one lens, I am wearing a makeshift eyepatch.

My life has extraordinary timing.
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Accidental plagarism is STILL PLAGARISM.   
01:50am 15/09/2009
mood: aggravated
My Danny Phantom vector fanart, also posted on my portfolio:

Barely-qualifies-as-fanart that I have run across recently:

News flash, people: Just because it turns up in a Google image search does NOT mean it's free for the taking. If you think my pictures are official show material, I'm flattered, but guess what? Image searches SHOW YOU WHERE THE IMAGE CAME FROM. The source page OCCUPIES MOST OF YOUR SCREEN. If it's someone's art portfolio, they probably don't want you using it without their permission!

The first transgression has been resolved by the addition of credit and links, but, based on the perpetrator's professed cluelessness, I expect to see more of this. Gods, somebody fetch me a cluebat.

ETA: The second offending pic is gone. I hope that means the artist took it down of their own accord, but since they never responded to my complaint, it's hard to say.
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12:17pm 20/08/2009
mood: hopefully not concussed
The other day, I noticed a leak in the ceiling just above my workspace; water from the previous night's rain had made a tiny pool on the chair. My employer and I work from her home; needless to say, she was not pleased at this leak, and said she would get it fixed. Unfortunately, it was further along than we thought.

A large chunk of ceiling just fell on my head.

It's an interesting day.
12:52am 24/04/2009
"I learned the other day that the galactic centre tastes like raspberries and smells of rum.

Oh, right, I thought, Space: the Final Cocktail." —Neil Gaiman

Clearly, a recipe is needed. Galactic Core: rum and raspberry liqueur? Can anyone get more specific with this? I do not know from booze, particularly not the appropriate proportions.
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11:15pm 22/04/2009
mood: accomplished
Squeeel! If you Google "reboot archive", my page is on the front page of results! \o/

Also, the word is getting around!

*happy dance*
What just happened here?   
12:17pm 09/04/2009
mood: bewildered
I lost my favourite pendant yesterday. Since it is not something I can easily replace, if at all (I got it at a flea market and it bears no manufacturer's information), I left a message with the county transit authority's lost-and-found and also posted to Craigslist. Actual e-mail exchange follows:

Craigslist Respondent: i've not seen your pendant-item.
i urge you to asap contact ride-on's very-organized lost&found to see if your #57-driver or the night-owls tidying-crew routed to lost&found your item.
if item and you got separated on the #57, either:
  -- a jerk fellow-rider opportunistically appropriated it.
  -- a good-sumaritan turned it in to the driver.
  -- the driver, following procedure, quick-scanned his vehicle at run's terminus. the triage would be:
    ~ jerks' picnic-aboard rubbish.
    ~ once-read newspaper sections.
    ~ property incl. clothes and valuables and textbooks..
    ~ dead bodies ...
seriously, that' your best shot.
if you come up empty, i'll MAYBE be able to facilitate your replacement of item's clone (i.e., even i.d. the source...)
best luck to ya. keep me abreast

Me: I already left them a message, thank you. (The lost-and-found number closes at 4 p.m.)
If I truly can't find the original, I just might take you up on that!

CR: what's your phone# (either a land-line or, if cell, tell me when your "minutes" don't get eaten up...).

Me: I'd prefer to stick to e-mail for now, thanks all the same.

CR: if you're so protective, i hereby kiss off my offer of resource of my skillset and billably hours. screw that. my offer's retracted.
get a life.

What?! Did I actually commit some unspeakable rudeness that I, in my social ineptitude, am incapable of perceiving? Is not wanting to give my number out willy-nilly to a stranger whose help I might not even need a hideous faux pas? What the smeg, lady?
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Two totally unrelated facts:   
05:00pm 10/02/2009
mood: hopeful
  1. I desperately need this bag.
  2. My birthday is in less than a month.

Just sayin'.
Call your senators!   
03:34pm 05/02/2009
  Yeah, I know. I hate politics. But the Cthulhu plushies are threatened! Oh, yeah, and a lot of people's livelihoods, too.  
10:06pm 07/12/2008
  Sudden epiphany today: The world would be infinitely cooler if all political disputes—possibly all disputes, period, but definitely the political—were resolved via dance-off.

Extrapolation #1: Wars would either be eliminated, or would become enormous group dance-offs.

Extrapolation #2: OMG imagine Basic Training!
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Behold my mad Dreamweaver skillz!   
09:17pm 19/11/2008
mood: accomplished
I have totally revamped the ReBoot archive page! (If you haven't seen the old one, it's a world of difference.) I can do widgets now! Yaaaaay widgets!

Hee. Widget widget widget.
11:18pm 15/10/2008
mood: thoughtful
I just realized: John McCain is probably a Raxacoricofallapatorian. I mean, that's obviously not his real face.
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02:47am 20/07/2008
mood: amused
1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

2. http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

3. http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/
The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4.Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result as a comment in this post. Also, pass it along in your own journal because it's more amusing that way.

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Kitten adopted!   
03:15pm 15/12/2007
mood: content
I put up a Craigslist ad today, and a very nice lady replied almost immediately, and came by about half an hour ago with her puppy to see how they'd get along. (Puppy adores cats and immediately wanted to play; kitten was a bit "WTF is this?" but tried neither to attack nor to flee.) She seemed quite knowledgeable and responsible, said she'll set up a vet appointment immediately to get kitten's eyes taken care of and shots and so forth, and readily agreed to pay me for the remaining cat supplies which I no longer need. Kitten's new name is Cinderella, predetermined by the lady's daughter, whose birthday is coming up.

Piccies!Collapse )
Another &^$% cat!   
09:15pm 13/12/2007
mood: harried
Well, this is a fine how-d'ye-do.

I found her under a bush next to a parking lot, near the site of my new temp job. (Which I should have posted about already, I suppose; it's just data entry but it's not completely dull, the people are nice, and I'm allowed to listen to my iPod while I work.) Took about fifteen minutes for me to persuade her to let me near enough for grabbing, but once I had her she stayed pretty still and didn't damage my person in any way. She's now in my apartment... um... somewhere. :-\ I've got what supplies could be obtained at the CVS (including a makeshift litterbox in the form of a festive Christmas-tree-shaped chips-and-dip serving dish, and I just hope she uses it), and I'll take her to the vet on Saturday for whatever is needful.

I hope to find her a home other than my own, but for the time being... any name suggestions?
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06:44pm 05/12/2007
mood: stunned
I'm down a grandparent. We were barely even in contact with Grandpa Sol, I hadn't seen or spoken to him in years, but it's still a shock. He was in the hospital to get whatever it is you need to get done prior to getting a pacemaker, and he died while there of something completely unrelated - apparently he had a brush with e. coli last year, and it wasn't really gone and was still doing damage to his liver all this while.

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Kitty has a home!   
03:37pm 02/11/2007
mood: relieved
And, um, has since Sunday. Sorry.

Anyway, my Craigslist ad got a response from a nice fellow named Evan, who came by with his fiancee to meet Turquoise and see if she'd set off his allergies (she didn't, and he said if she were going to it'd happen within the first fifteen minutes). They asked the right questions (most of which, unfortunately, I couldn't answer) and checked smart things like how she'd react if annoyed and generally seemed to know what they were about, and they pronounced themselves well pleased and took her home. Also the woman gave me cookies. ^_^
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Turquoise update   
07:57pm 26/10/2007
mood: pleading
Well, she's a total lovebug, well-behaved except for one nip, and so soft... and Animal Friends doesn't take walk-ins and they have a month-long waiting list, so it looks like I'm keeping her longer than planned. Hopefully not a month, though; I've advertised on Craigslist, the pittsburgh comm, and... here. Anyone want a cat? >^_^<

She likes my bed. Seems to stay off other furniture, though.Collapse )
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Unexpected cat!   
09:03pm 25/10/2007
mood: a bit surprised
She's only staying two nights, since I'll be taking her to Animal Friends on Saturday (thanks, David S.!), but I would like you to meet Turquoise:

Note: she is not actually turquoise.Collapse )

She was running stray, but I know who the owner is; he's a neighbour, and she ran away but he doesn't want her back, thus the Animal Friends thing. He gave me a litterbox and some cat food, though, and someone else (whose cat I thought she might have been) was kind enough to donate a bag of kitty treats. I'd consider keeping her if I were even making enough money to support myself, but as it is that would be unfair to my parents. Ah well. She seems a good houseguest so far.
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