The Purple Magpie (shinyhappygoth) wrote,
The Purple Magpie

The Ulysses Cycle

Come to think of it, there might be one or two people who read this who I'm not in other forms of communication with...

My brother has a Kickstarter for his debut album! (He has been on other albums, but this is the first one that is specifically his. It's a jazz "soundtrack" to The Odyssey, and it's really good stuff. There are a few sample tracks here, and a video of the entirety of Act I being performed here.

The drive has passed 50% after a third of the month, which sounds good, but bear in mind this means that all the family members and personal friends who could be more or less assumed to pledge have already done so. Now is when we need the kindness of strangers!

So here's the drive, and if you're into groovy jazz and/or Greek mythology or know anyone who is, please help! Remember, if you pledge, you won't be charged anything until the end of the month, and then only if he's met his goal.
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