The Purple Magpie (shinyhappygoth) wrote,
The Purple Magpie

SPX '11

The Small Press Expo was this weekend, and right in my area! It was immense fun, even if my feet did feel like they were going to physically detach from my body by the end of things.

  • I found the perfect use for my Really Useful Book (a MirrorMask tie-in journal which comes with an invisible ink pen/UV light): invisible sketches! That is to say, most of the sketches were mostly visible with an invisible component, though a few were entirely invisible. The cartoonists loved it and rose to the challenge and I collected some great stuff... which, unfortunately, is not exactly scannable (unless the scanner produces some weird reaction I'm not yet aware of).
  • I made three shrinky-dink Psychonauts insignia pins Saturday night/Sunday morning (I didn't even glue them 'til I arrived at the expo). One I bartered to the lovely Jess Fink, creator of fine Victorian robot porn, for a pair of (non-smutty) earrings. The other two I gave to Scott Campbell, who is to pass one on to Tim Schafer!! I am still flailing.

Next weekend is Intervention, only one Metro stop away from where SPX was! The weekend after that, I'm going to the Renaissance Festival. I am going to have no money. None.
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