The Purple Magpie (shinyhappygoth) wrote,
The Purple Magpie

a rather belated announcement

Yeah, so I probably should have mentioned this a while back, but, sadness, they won't be using my captions on the ReBoot DVDs after all. Rainmaker found them what I presume were the captions used on TV. On the one hand, I would have loved so much to be involved, but on the other, my captioning was entirely self-taught and I'm sure I got plenty wrong (technique, not content). So it's probably just as well. (Of course, now I'm learning proper captioning for work. Timing, thbppppt.)

Shout! Factory said they would still send me a free set "for all my help," but since my contact didn't reply to any of the last few e-mails I sent, I have no idea if he's actually received my mailing address. I hope I can figure this out, because the DVDs are being released on my birthday, and if I'm not already getting a copy then this has obviously got to be a present from someone (or a birthday self-indulgence, which counts).

I'm still planning to finish my captions (or, rather, subtitles) for the sake of those who have video files, so they can be translated into other languages, and so I can do the different characters' lines in pretty colours. I will probably use the DVD captions to check mine against (or copy the DVD captions and fix any errors they made, it amounts to more or less the same thing).
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