The Purple Magpie (shinyhappygoth) wrote,
The Purple Magpie

Pi Day Peculiarity!

So, having shamefully forgotten about Pi Day until evening, my mom and I decided to try something I'd wanted to for a while, and make a chai custard pie. We went with the recipe from her old Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk cookbook, making the requisite hot water into very strong chai first. Since we didn't have a premade pie crust, and this was unpremeditated baking, we decided to make a graham cracker crumb crust, as both the easiest and (in my opinion) most tasty option.

The custard is completely liquid before baking, and I was afraid it might soak into or even disintegrate the crust, but we decided it'd probably be all right.

What happened is that the crust mixed with the custard and floated to the top. Seriously. There is no crust at the bottom (fortunately, it's a solid egg custard). The entire top half is this thick, sort of spongy mass. It's an upside-down pie.

It is also very yummy.

So there you go. Custard upside-down pie.

ETA: Bread pudding! That's what the "crust" is like!
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